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Civic Engagement Amidst COVID-19: FAQs


How is COVID-19 going to impact voting in primaries and other upcoming elections?

This really depends on the state you are voting in. Check out's page about voting and COVID-19, where you can find information for the state you are registered to vote in! The ALL IN Challenge also has a great COVID-19 Resource Hub for all things voting amidst COVID-19! 

How can I help educate students on the importance of democratic participation and voter engagement while advising and instructing virtually?

The Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) has put together this living document that links to lesson plans, games and quizzes, videos, and news reports surrounding civic engagement in higher education. This is a great place from which to start gathering resources! The Campus Election Engagement Project also has a guide called "Coronavirus as a Teachable Classroom Moment: Engaging Students Across the Curriculum," which discusses how to integrate civic engagement into the conversation for any area of study. 

Many of my students are not residents of Kansas. What resources can I provide them to learn more about their state's voting process and timeline?

We would highly recommend promoting to your students, as they have voting information by state and are updating consistently when changes arise due to COVID-19 or state policy. Columbia College Chicago has also created helpful state-by-state voting guides.

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