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Certificate in Service Learning

The Certificate in Service Learning (CSL) recognizes your experiences in utilizing your classroom skills to meet community-identified needs.

Earning the certificate involves taking classes, engaging in volunteer work, and reflecting on your service learning experiences. Once you have earned the certificate, it is acknowledged on your official academic transcript.

Steps to Earn the Certificate in Service Learning:

Registration for this certificate is through the Experiential Learning Certificates portal.

Log in to the Experiential Learning Certificates portal to register for the Certificate in Service Learning. Please allow a couple of days for the service learning record to become active in the portal.

You will use the Experiential Learning Certificates portal to track service hours and submit your final reflection.

Service 101: Learn Before You Serve is an introduction to volunteering, pathways to service, and ethical service. 

This is a learning module to complete the certificate, not a class. 

After reviewing the Service 101 resources, respond to the reflection questions in the EL Certs Portal to complete the module. 

The Service 101 reflection questions must be submitted and approved before you can complete the Final Reflection to finish your Certificate in Service Learning. 

Take one designated service learning (SL) class and one social awareness (SA) class. 

View eligible courses.  

  • Service learning classes must be taken for a minimum of 3 credit hours (with exception of UNIV 492). Classes that qualify toward the certificate vary by semester.   

  • Some approved courses offer optional service or multiple projects that serve for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Opt-in to the service learning component and with complete with a nonprofit organization in order for your service to be approved for certificate. 

  • If you take a service learning or social awareness class that is not included on the list of eligible courses and you’d like it to be considered to count for your certificate, you can petition the course with this form and we’ll work to get it designated.  

Complete a minimum of 60 hours of service. 

Refer to the Pathways to Service for ideas and ways to engage in your community.  

All hours completed with service learning classes count toward these 60 hours. If you still need more hours, here are some ideas: 

Contact us with questions or to discuss other options for completing the additional service. 

When you complete service hours that are not part of a class, ask your volunteer coordinator/site supervisor to fill out a service verification form and submit the hours in the EL Certs Portal for approval. 

Write a reflection summary of your service experiences. 

Your Final Reflection summary should mention and tie together all of your service experiences to be approved. The purpose is to allow you to take a step back and consider big picture impacts of your classroom learning and service/volunteer work. The Final Reflection is submitted through the EL Certs Portal. 

The Final Reflection is completed near the end of your work for the Certificate in Service Learning. You must have registered for the certificate, completed Service 101, and finished the majority of your coursework and service to complete it.  

Preview Final Reflection Questions 


To apply to graduate from the Certificate in Service Learning, log in to Enroll and Pay.

For detailed instructions, visit the Student Information System website. 

If you plan to complete a certificate program in any given semester, apply to graduate from the certificate program even if you have service learning classes or other service experiences in progress. 

The deadline to apply to graduate from a certificate for each semester can be found on the Office of the University Registrar's calendar as "Undergraduate Application for Graduation Deadline." 

Your certificate will be added to your academic transcript after degrees post for the semester that you completed the certificate requirements. 

Why Get Certified in Service Learning?

Your certification in service learning will appear on your transcript, showing that the university acknowledges your achievements. This opportunity is not available to students at all universities and will recognize the efforts you have undertaken beyond the classroom.

Getting certified in service learning recognizes that you have:

  • gone beyond the classroom to help your community and to further your own education
  • assisted community agencies in better serving their clients
  • exposed yourself to societal inadequacies and injustices
  • better prepared yourself for your career or further education
  • taken on a greater responsibility for your learning and for your community
  • applied your course content in the context of the real world

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