We are transitioning to new course requirements beginning July 2018. During the 2017-18 academic year, you have the option of choosing the current requirements or the new requirements.

CURRENT COURSE REQUIREMENTS:   2 service learning courses
NEW COURSE REQUIREMENTS:            1 service learning course & 1 social awareness course

See more information at Program Changes.



Service Learning Courses

Below is the current list of KU service learning courses. This list is continuously updated. If you know of a course missing from this list, please email the Certificate Coordinator at serve@ku.edu.

NOTE: Some approved courses offer optional service or multiple projects that serve for-profit and non-profit organizations. In order for your service to be approved for certificate, you must have participated in the service learning component of the course and service must be in non-profit sector.


Spring 2018
Summer 2018
Fall 2018


Spring 2017
Summer 2017
Fall 2017


Spring 2016
Summer 2016
Fall 2016


Spring 2015
Summer 2015
Fall 2015


Spring 2014
Summer 2014
Fall 2014


Spring 2013
Summer 2013
Fall 2013


Spring 2012
Summer 2012
Fall 2012


Spring 2011
Summer 2011
Fall 2011


Spring 2010
Summer 2010
Fall 2010


Spring 2009
Summer 2009
Fall 2009


Spring 2008
Summer 2008
Fall 2008


Fall 2006
Fall 2007

Social Responsibility Courses

AAAS 104 Intro African-American Studies
AAAS 106 The Black Experience America
AAAS 116 Black Experience Americas, Hnr
AAAS 340 Women Contemporary African Literature
AAAS 351 Africa's Human Geographies
AAAS 420 Intercultural Communication: African-American
AAAS 553 Geography of African Development 
AAAS 662 Gender and Politics in Africa
AMS 100 Introduction to American Studies
AMS 101 Introduction to American Studies, Hnr
AMS 110 American Identities
AMS 112 American Identities, Hnr
AMS 177 On Drugs: Heroin Users and American Drug Policy
AMS 260 America's Latinos/Latinas
AMS 290 Religion in American Society
AMS 316 Mnistr&Mgcns:Blck Rel Slav Prs
AMS 510 Hist Amercn Womn:Colonial-1870
AMS 511 Hist Amercn Women:1870-Presnt
ANTH 108 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 160 Varieties of Human Experience
ANTH 320/LING 320 Language in Culture and Society
ANTH 321 Language in Culture & Society, Hnr
ANTH 340 Human Variation and Evolution
ANTH 360 Varieties of Human Experience
ANTH 376 North American Indians
ANTH 562 Mexamerica
ANTH 664 Women, Health, & Healing in Africa
C&T 235 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion K-12
COMS 235 Intr Rhetoric&Social Influence
COMS 440 Communication and Gender
COMS 447 Interculturl Comnctn:Afro-Amer
COMS 552 The Rhetoric of Women's Rights
EALC 142 Ethics in Chinese Philosophy
ECON 515 Income Distribution&Inequality
ECON 516 Income Distrbtn&Inequalty, Hnr
ELPS 250 Education and Society
ENGL 306 Global Environmental Literatre
ENGL 336 Jewish American Literature & Culture
ENGL 337 Introdctn to U.S. Latino/a Lit
ENGL 338 Introd to African-American Lit
ENGL 340 Tpcs in US Ethnic Literature:
ENGL 341 American Lit of Social Justice
ENGL 571 American Indian Literature:
ENGL 573 U.S. Latina/o Literature:
ENGL 574 African American Literature:
EVRN 336 Ethics, Ideas, and Nature
FMS 314 Hstry Afrc-Amer Images in Film
FMS 316 Cinemas of the Southern Cone
FMS 410 US Diversity in Visual Culture
GEOG 351 Africa's Human Geographies
GEOG 553 Geography of Africn Developmnt
HIST 109 The Black Experience Americas
HIST 229 United States in the 1960s
HIST 317 Afr Amr Womn:Colonl Era-Presnt
HIST 319 History,Women &Diversity in US
HIST 336 Ethics, Ideas, and Nature
HIST 352 American Indians Since 1865
HIST 353 Indigenous Peoples of North Am
HIST 530 Hist Amercn Womn:Colonial-1870
HIST 531 Hist Amercn Women:1870-Presnt
HIST 625 Body, Self and Society
HSES 480 Physcl Act & Exrse Mgmt Indv Dis
HUM 350 American Indians Since 1865
HUM 575 Body, Self and Society
ISP 330 Native American Religions
ISP 331 Native Americn Religions, Hnr
ISP 350 American Indians Since 1865
JOUR 534 Diversity in Media
JWSH 336 Jewish American Litr & Culture
LING 447 North American Indian Language
PHIL 381 Feminism and Philosophy
POLS 512 Latino Politics in the U.S.
POLS 562 Women and Politics
POLS 600 Cntmp Feminist Politcal Theory
POLS 630 Politics of Identity
POLS 662 Gender and Politics in Africa
PUAD  601 Crime and Punishment
PUAD 602 Diversity Public Administration
PUAD 639 Concepts of Civil Society
REL 171 Religion in American Society
REL 172 Religion in American Society, Hnr
REL 330 Native American Religions
REL 331 Native American Religions, Hnr
SOC 104 Elements of Sociology
SOC 105 Elements of Sociology, Hnr
SOC 110 American Identities
SOC 112 American Identities, Hnr
SOC 160 Social Problems & American Values
SOC 161 Social Problems & American Values, Hnr
SOC 220 Sociology of Families
SOC 260 America's Latinos/Latinas
SOC 304 Principles of Sociology
SOC 306 Principles of Social Problems
SOC 308 Principles of Family Sociology
SOC 312 Population and Society
SOC 330 American Society
SOC 335 American Society, Hnr
SOC 342 Sociology of Immigration
SOC 450 Gender and Society
SOC 521 Wealth, Power, and Inequality
SOC 522 American Racial&Ethnic Relations
SOC 523 Sociology of Aging&Life Course
SOC 536 Ethnicity in the United State:
SPED 635 Intro to Teach Learners w/Low-Incid Dis in Incl Settings
SW 220 Socl Wrk, Socl Welf&US Society
SW 555 Divrsty,Opprs&Soc Jus:Cult Com
SW 556 Dvrsty,Oppressn&Social Justice
THR 327 African-American Theatre&Drama
UBPL 200 Sustainability and Society
UBPL 300 Planning the Sustainable City
UNIV 492 Special Topics in the Community
WGSS 101 Intro Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
WGSS 102 Intro Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Hnr
WGSS 319 History,Women &Diversity in US
WGSS 327 Perspctv Lsbn,Gay,Bisxl&Trngdr
WGSS 330 Women Contmp Africn Literature
WGSS 333 Politics of Physicl Appearance
WGSS 351 Womn&Leadrshp:Legislatv Procss
WGSS 381 Feminism and Philosophy
WGSS 430 Skin, Sex, and Disease
WGSS 440 Communication and Gender
WGSS 510 Hist Amercn Womn:Colonial-1870
WGSS 511 Hist Amercn Women:1870-Presnt
WGSS 530 Sex and Gender in New Media
WGSS 562 Women and Politics
WGSS 563 Gender, Sexuality and the Law
WGSS 575 Body, Self and Society
WGSS 600 Cntmp Feminist Politcal Theory
WGSS 630 Politics of Identity
WGSS 662 Gender and Politics in Africa


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