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CSL Associate Program

CSL Associates are faculty and staff who are collaborate with the CSL to support the development and implementation of a specific focused project and initiative of mutual interest and benefit supported and championed by the Associate in partnership with the CSL. The goal of the CSL Associate Program is that an associate may serve with the CSL for a couple of years in the pilot development and implementation of a collaborative project.

During these two years, the associate receives a small financial award that can be used by the Associate to advance the collaborative work. Then, after the two years and the establishment of a sustainable project or initiative, the Associate becomes a CSL Associate Advisor in supporting the continued implementation and sustainability of the project longer-term as a key champion and collaborator. Additionally, the CSL Associate Advisor may offer guidance to newer CSL Associates to ensure effective project development and implementation.

Meet our Current Associates

CSL Associate Collaborative Former and Current Projects and Initiatives Include:

  • Development of the Summit on Community-Engaged Learning and Scholarship (Susan Harvey, Emily Ryan, Sarah Goodwin Thiel)
  • Implementation of the Engaged KU: Big Ideas pilot initiative (Katie Batza and Nicole Reiz)
  • Partnership in the development and sustainability of the Educate and Act series with The Commons, the Emily Taylor Center, and the CSL (Emily Ryan)
  • Development of a Community-Engaged Scholars Advisor/Mentor Program at KU (Susan Harvey)
  • Development of a creative documentation initiative for service-learning and community-engaged scholarship efforts (Meg Jamieson)
  • Development of the Engaged KU Story Mapping online tool to promote community-engaged scholarship at KU in partnership with the KU Community Engagement Consortium (Sarah Goodwin Thiel)

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