Service Learning Courses

This list is in-progress, and courses can be added even after the semester is completed. With questions about a particular course, please email

Approved Courses for Summer 2014

Applied Behavioral Science
Course Number Course Instructor Course Title
ABSC 499 Any instructor Directed Research in:
ABSC 606 Any instructor Special Projects in the Community
ABSC 675 Pam Neidert Infant-Toddler Care and Early Intervention I
ABSC 676 Pam Neidert Infant-Toddler Care and Early Intervention II
ABSC 677 Claudia Dozier Pract. in Preschool Ed. and Intervention I
ABSC 678 Claudia Dozier Infant-Toddler Care and Early Intervention II
ABSC 679 Any instructor Practicum for Research in Early Childhood Education and Intervention
ABSC 680 Any instructor Pract. in Adv. Lab. Dev. of Beh. Trtmnts for Chldrn w/ Autism
ABSC 685 Any instructor Practicum in Community-based Treatment Programs for Disabled Adults
ABSC 695 Any instructor Special Practicum in Autism
Health, Sport, and Exercise Science
HSES 236 Any instructor Practicum in:
HSES 499 Bernie Kish Internship in Sport Management
HSES 580 Any instructor Internship in:
HNRS 495 Kayla Stroup Honors Directed Study
Music Education & Music Therapy
MEMT 150 Any instructor Clinical Practicum
MEMT 396 Any instructor Clinical Practicum
MEMT 596 Any instructor Clinical Internship
MEMT 760 Dena Register Principles of Music Therapy
Political Science
POLS 496 Burdett Loomis Washington Semester Intern Seminar
POLS 497 Burdett Loomis Washington Semester Field Work
PSYC 483 Any instructor Undergrd Internship Psychology
Psychology and Research in Education
PRE 575 Erin Wolfram PRE - Internship Exploration
Social Welfare
SW 701 Stephen Kapp Basic Field Practicum
SW 801 Stephen Kapp Advanced Field Practicum-Clinical Practicum
SW 804 Stephen Kapp Advanced Field Practicum-Social Work Adm