Service Learning Courses

This list is in-progress, and courses can be added even after the semester is completed. With questions about a particular course, please email

Approved Courses for Spring 2015

Course Number Course Instructor Course Title
ANTH 462/501 Jane Gibson Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology
Applied Behavioral Science
ABSC 310/311 Jomella Watson-Thompson Building Healthy Communities/Community Health and Development
ABSC 499 any instructor Directed Research in selected topics
ABSC 606 Jomella Watson-Thompson Special Projects in the Community
ABSC 675 Pam Neidert Practicum in Toddler Care and Early Intervention I
ABSC 676 Pam Neidert Practicum in Toddler Care and Early Intervention II
ABSC 677 Claudia Dozier Practicum in Preschool Education and Intervention I
ABSC 678 Claudia Dozier Practicum in Preschool Education and Intervention II
ABSC 679 any instructor Early Childhood Research Practicum
ABSC 680 any instructor Advanced Laboratory in the Development of Behavioral Treatments for Children with Autism
ABSC 682 Florence D. DiGennaro Organizational Behavior Management Practicum
ABSC 690 Jomella Watson-Thompson Prc Commnity Health & Developmnt
ABSC 694 Jan Sheldon Practicum in Juvenile Problems
MKTG 460 Jessica Li Practicum in Promotional Plan Development
Communication Studies
COMS 342 Phil Wagner, Emily Vietti Problem-Solving in Teams & Groups
Curriculum & Teaching
C&T 354 Barbara Bradley, Karen Jorgensen Literacy Instruction Intermediate Grades
C&T 460 Lauri Cleavinger Project Based Instruction Math & Science
C&T 533 Heidi Hallman Curriculum and Teaching in Middle/ Secondary English Language Arts Classrooms
ADS 560 /
VISC 525
Tyler Galloway Topics in Design: Designing for Social Innovation
ENGL 400 Terese Thonus Teaching & Tutoring Writing
ENTR 490 Charlotte Tritch Social Entrepreneurship 
*student must have participated in the service learning component of the course 
Environmental Studies
EVRN 420 So-Min Cheong Adaptive Workshop
GEOG 379 So-Min Cheong Adaptive Workshop
Health, Sport, and Exercise Science
HSES 236 Leon Greene Practicum in: Health Education
HNRS 495 Kala Stroup Public Service Internship - must have taken for 3 credit hours
JOUR 420 Bob Basow Principles of Advertising
JOUR 460 Tien-Tsung Lee Research Methods
JOUR 640 Hyunjin Seo Strategic Campaigns
Liberal Arts & Sciences
LA&S 400 Terese Thonus Teaching & Tutoring Writing
LA&S 492 Amanda Schwegler Special Projects in the Community: Alternative Breaks
MGMT 470 Dan Spencer Management and Leadership - Leadership in Bus Orgs
Mechanical Engineering
ME 643* Kenneth Fischer Capstone Design Biomechanics
ME (640)645 Christopher Depcik Design Project Option E (EcoHawks)
*student must have participated in the service learning component of the course and service must be in non-profit sector
Music Education & Music Therapy
MEMT 196 any instructor Group Leadership Skills in Music Therapy
MEMT 396 Cynthia Dunn Clinical Practicum
MEMT 498 any instructor Student Teaching
MEMT 499 Debra Heddon Internship in Teaching Music
Occupational Therapy Education
OCTH 482 Dory Sabata & Lisa Lawson Analysis & Adaptation of Occupations II - KUMC
Social Work
PSYC 483 Mike Vitevitch Undergraduate Internship Psychology
Social Work
SW 220 any instructor Social Work, Social Welfare, and U.S. Society
SW 541 Jason Matejkowski Social Work Research Seminar
SW 601 Jenny Marsh Field Practicum
SPLH 671 Lynn Murphy Intro Speech-Language Pathology
THR 404 Jeanne Klein Children and Drama
Visual Art
ART 500 Mary Anne Jordan Van Go Mobile Arts--Service Learning