2017 Excellence in Service Learning Award Recipients

Faculty Excellence in Service Learning Award Recipient

Center for Service Learning staff present the 2017 faculty award

Hyunjin Seo, Associate Professor in the School of Journalism, has taught eight classes (six sections of capstone Strategic Campaigns course and two sections of Social Media course) in which students worked with nonprofit organizations or social impact companies conducting research and assisting them in developing communication strategies.

In these classes, service learning allowed students to identify community needs and apply concepts and skills learned in the class to finding solutions for addressing those needs. Topics covered include (i) branding and community engagement strategies for a social entrepreneurship-focused innovation center; (ii) community outreach programs for enhancing digital access and literacy among underserved populations; (iii) communication strategies for Habitat Humanity Kansas City; and (iv) social media strategies to raise awareness of the U.N.’s efforts to enhance girls’ education in developing countries.


Student Excellence in Service Learning Award Recipient

Center for Service Learning staff present the 2017 student award

Diosselyn Tot-Velasquez, senior in Applied Behavioral Science, has been involved with various service experiences and projects, most notably the Community Housing of Wyandotte County (CHWC). She has served as a community mobilizer and supported youth development, community building and civic engagement activities with the aim of involving more Latino youth and residents in the community. Through her various service activities and organizations that she has partnered, she has a commitment to working with groups or populations who are often marginalized, including youth and individuals who are Hispanic. She often serves as a symbol for youth and individuals from her community. Throughout college she has continued to serve and remain engaged with some of the organizations she was first affiliated in high school, which indicates her longer-term commitment to the work, service, and her Kansas City, Kansas community.

Based on her works with CHWC, the following activities have been supported, which helps demonstrate some of her contributions, integration of course work, and impacts: Initiated youth arts program with M.E. Pearson Student Council as part of a practicum project; Developed a youth recycling program and campaign as part of a practicum project; developed and submitted a small grant for a pocket park, which was awarded to CHWC; Supported the development of a website to support online and in-person opportunities for community resident engagement (http://cbe-kc.org/).

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