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The Pathways to Service describe the variety of ways people can use their knowledge, skills, and talents to improve their communities. Many of these pathways overlap, allowing you diverse experiences to help you determine which pathways are the best fit for you.



Works with those in need of assistance or addresses a need of the broader community

     Assist senior citizens with their taxes.
     Provide help in homeless shelter.
     Assist a local agency with a marketing plan or social media.


Mentor / Educator
Guides others in their development and learning

     Provide music/dance/art lessons to those who couldn't access them otherwise.
     Tutor, mentor or coach youth.
     Teach English as a second language.


Creates awareness and action on issues that impact the community.

     Organize a letter writing campaign or petition drive.
     Produce a public service announcement raising awareness about an issue.
     Join a student organization that educates campus about a social issue.


Policy Shaper
Influences and shapes decisions for the public interest through policies and laws.

     Lobby on behalf of a community issue.
     Draft legislation that helps or protects the community.
     Run for political office.


Gathers and presents findings that inform action on issues that affect the community.

     Conduct energy audits in public buildings.
     Test water to assist with restoration efforts.
     Conduct research for a community organization.


Social Innovator
Uses knowledge and skills to create ideas and strategies that address social issues.

     Create an online tool to help citizens report broken infrastructure.
     Build an app that shows all of the accessibility entrances on campus.



Adapted from the Pathways of Public Service and Civic Engagement, Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University.


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