Leadership Opportunities


Student Community Service Collaborative

The Student Community Service Collaborative is an opportunity for leaders of various KU student service organizations to come together and network, build partnerships, and learn from one another on a regular basis.

By increasing communication of one another's mission and programs, we can build a stronger community of service at KU!

Spring 2020 Meeting Dates:

February 25, 6:30-8pm (RSVP Here)

April 7, 6:30-8pm (RSVP Here)


Center for Community Outreach

The Center for Community Outreach works to encourage active volunteerism in both local and global communities. There are 12 unique student-run programs that respond to different community needs.

The different leadership opportunities within the CCO, consisting of 12 Coordinator positions, as well as 6 Staff positions. A variety of leadership positions turnover each year. If interested, contact CCO for more information.


Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks is a student-run service learning organization operated by a group of 18 undergraduate students at the University of Kansas. Alternative Breaks provides annual volunteer trips for approximately 800 students, serving over 50 volunteer organizations. There are week-long Winter, Spring and Summer programs, as well as weekend breaks.

For more information, go to Alternative Breaks coordinator positions.



While MEDLIFE's mission is to bring Medicine, Education and Development to Low-Income Families Everywhere, MEDLIFE KU works even beyond this scope to focus on advocacy, cultural competency and international service.

MEDLIFE KU works to dispel 'voluntourism' by encouraging KU students to develop a global mindset with on-the-ground activism, education, and service. Visit MEDLIFE KU's Facebook page to learn more!


Student United Way

The Student United Way at the University of Kansas serves the local community by 1) Giving, Advocating, and Volunteering in the areas of Education, Income, and Health, 2) helping members and other students grow as leaders and connect to the community, and 3) building lasting relationships amongst members and with the United Way movement.

For more information about the Student United Way and leadership oportunities within the organization, visit rockchalkcentral.ku.edu/organization/unitedway



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