Service Learning Instructor Course Submission

KU faculty have the opportunity to register their course for the official service learning designation via an online form. Courses that receive the official designation will help students complete the components for the Certificate in Service Learning, which fulfills Learning Outcome 2 of Core Goal 5.

To learn more about adding a service learning component to your course, visit our faculty and instructors page.


Why register your course for the official service learning designation?

Identifying courses as service learning:

  • Gives our center a more streamlined process to track courses, faculty, and students who engage in this meaningful practice for reporting purposes.
  • Gives our center more accurate information to provide to students who are looking for service learning opportunities.
  • Provides more reliable information so that we may inform students of the certification as a way to complete of Core Goal 5.


For an undergraduate course to be officially eligible for the service learning certification, the course must meet the following criteria:

  • Service is integrated into curriculum and will help meet learning outcomes.
  • Service addresses a community-identified need.
  • Community benefits from the service, project or research. 
  • Critical reflection assignments to enhance and assess the learning gained from the service aspect of the course, including the understanding of the community-identified need. These assignments should be ongoing throughout the service experience, not just at the end of the experience. Please let us know if you would like assistance developing these assignments.
  • Minimum of 20 hours of service hours.
  • Students must have the option to take the course for a minimum of 3 credit hours if it is a variable credit course.  If your course is 1-2 credit hours, exceptions can be made if it is part of a series of courses that requires co-enrollment to equal 3 credit hours or more. Contact our center to discuss this option.
  • Service learning should be an integral part of syllabus and include definition.

If you would like to consult with our staff about how to get started, find resources, or make connections with community partners, please contact us.

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Service Learning Documents

These templates may be tailored to specific needs.

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