Certificate in Service Learning Program Changes

We are beginning to transition to a new certificate program structure starting Fall 2017. Two major changes will happen:

1. New Course Requirements: To complete the certificate, students need to take 1 pre-approved Service Learning Course and 1 Social Awareness Course.

When does the change take effect?
Officially in Fall 2018

During the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 academic year, students have the option to FINISH the certificate program using 2 service learning classes OR 1 service learning class and 1 social concerns class. If students do not complete the certificate by the end of Spring 2018, they will be required to meet the new course work requirement starting Fall 2018. A list of pre-approved Social Concerns classes is in progress.

2. New Certificate Component: Service 101. Service 101 is an introduction to service pathways and ethical service work.

When does the change take effect?

Winter 2017: Change will officially take effect after December 15, 2017 during winter break

Service 101 questions are not yet available in myKU Portal. We are working with IT to make changes in myKU Portal. All students who have not finished the final reflection for the certificate will need to complete this component when it becomes available in myKU Portal.​

Service 101 is an introduction to service pathways and ethical service work. Resources to help students complete this component will be available on the Center for Service Learning website. After reviewing the online Service 101 resources, students will need to respond to some reflection questions, which will be available on their service learning certificate record in myKU Portal. Service 101 can be completed at anytime during the certification process, but must the reflection must be submitted and approved before students can complete the final reflection.


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