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UNIV 492 Local is a 2-credit hour, online course that requires 40 hours of service work and fulfills Core Goal 5.2.

Course content deepens students' understanding of service work by introducing knowledge and skills needed to carry out effective and ethical volunteer efforts. Students are asked to critically examine the benefits and potential harm of service, consider social constructs of power and privilege, become familiar with the nonprofit sector, research systemic causes for specific social issues, define how they can act as an ally, and critically reflect on self and society. View a sample syllabus (pdf).

UNIV 492 Local is a full semester course, focuses on service to the student's local community, and is not associated with the KU Alternative Breaks trips (other sections of UNIV 492 are for Alternative Breaks students).

Service Hour Requirements

Service hours:

  • Must be planned collaboratively by the student and the volunteer supervisor from the student's selected service site (instructor guidance available);
  • Must be planned and agreed upon by completing a Service Learning Agreement prior to the beginning of the semester (view sample Service Learning Agreement);
  • Must be completed during the semester that UNIV 492 is taken;
  • Must be completed through, or in conjunction with, a public or nonprofit organization (501(c)3; 501(c)4, etc.) but cannot involve conducting or engaging in religious or partisan political activities;
  • Must be completed through one organization/project rather than compiled across several volunteer projects;
  • Can be direct service, indirect service, advocacy or research (for more information, see https://csl.ku.edu/faculty/service-learning#types)


The UNIV 492 Local Scholarship is a $500 scholarship posted to a student's Enroll & Pay account to help cover the tuition costs of the course. The scholarship is available to undergraduate students taking UNIV 492 Local and completing 40 hours of volunteer service during the same semester.

Scholarships are awarded Spring and Fall semesters and applications are accepted during enrollment for the applicable semester. Scholarships are awarded to applicants who can demonstrate financial need. 

To apply for a UNIV 492 Local Scholarship, go through the application process described below.


Students interested in enrolling in UNIV 492 Local will need to complete the following application process.

  1. Step 1: Complete an Enrollment Request Form (required)
  2. Step 2: Submit an application for a $500 scholarship (optional)
  3. Step 3: Submit a Service Learning Agreement prior to the start of the semester (required)

You will be taken through each step by starting your application:


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